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Name: Stephen Condon

LinkedIn URL:

Executive Network Member Since:  2012

Newly-Landed Position + Company: Product Marketing with Kentik

Prior to landing your new position, were you currently working or in transition? I was running my own marketing consultancy but was always on the lookout for a full-time role. After 18-months of intermittent consulting work, I decided to be more focused on finding full-time employment. At that time, I started attending McDermott + Bull events and joined an accountability group.

How did you get connected to the company where you landed your new role? A connection informed me that Kentik was a great company and had many open positions. I visited their site and directly applied for a posted position. I’m surprised, most of the interviews I’d had previously were through introductions by former colleagues.

What allowed you to stand out during the interview process? Definitely my relevant experience and peripheral knowledge of their business. My passion for tech writing also helped.

Did you encounter any challenges while being vetted for this new position? Not really. They did dig deeper on requests for examples of my work. I recommend you are always thinking about being able to create case studies of work that you are proud of. I also made the mistake of giving them more references that they asked for which delayed the offer to some extend.

If you could give an in-transition executive any piece of advice, what would it be? Look for companies that have many openings. It’s not easy for companies to find people in this environment and companies that have many open positions are very eager to fill them. Use a grid to show that you meet or exceed their requirements as spelled out in their job description. And, of course, always keep building and connecting with you network – you have to be top-of-mind. Keep working on your anecdotes so that you can bring to life your strengths.

What events and/or resources offered by the Executive Network have helped enhance your career? Participating in the Networking Groups was extremely valuable. There’s no cost, you get to practice your pitch, expand your network, and get some great tips from the groups’ leadership and fellow participants.


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