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Name: Stephanie Stein Werther

LinkedIn URL: 

Executive Network Member Since:  2018

Newly-Landed Position + Company: Chief Development Office, Empire Portfolio Group/Orange Theory Fitness

Prior to landing your new position, were you currently working or in transition? I was in transition.

How did you get connected to the company where you landed your new role? I sent “reconnect” emails to recruiters I had relationships with in the past. One happened to be an investor in this company and knew they were looking to grow their leadership team.

What allowed you to stand out during the interview process? My skills were a really good fit for what they were looking for and I could have many lengthy conversations with them about the past work I had done for other companies regarding what they were looking to get out of this role. It was serendipitous.

Did you encounter any challenges while being vetted for this new position? Because the company is moving so quickly and are very small, I didn’t have as much of an opportunity to get as much detail as I normally would have, The entire position and journey was a leap of faith. I have wanted to get into PE and this was a great opportunity to use my skills in an arena that I have been trying to break into.

If you could give an in-transition executive any piece of advice, what would it be? Don’t be afraid to reach out again to interviewers about something interesting just to keep yourself top of mind. I sent an article about a project I had worked on before I left my previous company.
What events and/or resources offered by the Executive Network have helped enhance your career? Intoo was outstanding. Tom Oser, David Teper, and Denae Bluethmann were great Executive Network event session leaders. They were able to get the group to continuously challenge others with new ideas and reach out to each other even if outside my chosen industry. I tried to pick events and groups that had new people. Just the exercise of getting on these calls forced me to speak up and get better and more confident in my elevator speech and what I had to offer. This pushed me to reach out again to previously contacted recruiters and contacts.


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