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FranNet: Franchise Ownership 101

Stop climbing the corporate ladder, and create your own! If you’re considering business ownership, it’s essential to use the best available resources so you can get it right the first time. At FranNet, they use an established, proprietary process to match a person’s talents and goals with the right franchise choice.

Click on the link below to watch a detailed webinar from the business experts at FranNet. Designed just for you to answer all those initial questions on business and franchising basics, which covers:

  • FranNet CEO Jania Bailey’s Background?
  • FranNet Consultant, Amanda Berry’s Franchise Fit Story
  • A Piece of Advice to Future Franchisees
  • Return of Investment + Find Your Fit
  • Cost of a Franchise
  • Funding a Franchise
  • How Much Money Can a Franchisee Make?
  • Importance of the FDD
  • Why is it Important to Understand the Financial Health of the Franchisor?
  • FDD Item 7: Advising Clients on Initial Investments
  • FDD Item 19: Financial Performance Representations
  • The Importance of the Item 19 in the Decision Making Process
  • Are There Any Requirements for Financial Statements the Franchisors Must Provide in the FDD?
  • FDD Item 20: Signed But Not Open
  • What is a Royalty Self-Sufficient Franchise?
  • The Role of Large Investment Firms

Click here to watch the FranNet Franchise Ownership 101 webinar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Jania Bailey,
CEO of FranNet


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